Top 5 Spring Trends We're Loving!


Monday marked the first day of spring and we're giddy about the new merchandise we've been receiving!  From velvet to satin materials, embroidered sneakers, to platform everything, we couldn't hold back on sharing our favorite looks. Read more to find out what's trending and the styles you need to find a home for in your closet, hopefully you're as giddy as we are!


1. Graphic Tee's

You saw this look during New York Fashion Week in the fall, this trend has carried over to the spring and we couldn't love it more. Pair with a funky pair of sneakers, boyfriend jeans, a blazer and voila! You've created a statement with little effort involved.


Photo Credit: Vogue
(Photo Credit: Vogue)

Fortunately for you, Kixters just took on a new brand called Recycled Karma which is a vintage-inspired brand that creates retro graphic tees. More styles at

Aerosmith Graphic Tee

Recycled Karma- Aerosmith Graphic Tee



Pac-Man Graphic Tee

Recycled Karma- Graphic Pac-Man Tee




2. Like we said, platform everything!

Sneakers, oxfords, loafers, you name it! This trend is no joke. Talk about making a pair of sneakers a bold statement, reach outside of your comfort zone. Do it! take the leap and branch out. Below you will find some our favorite styles!

(Note: it was hard to only pick a few select styles!)




Coolway Star- Pink Velvet Platform Sneaker

Coolway Star- Pink Velvet Platform Sneaker




Steve Madden Korrie - Black Leather High Platform Sneaker 
Steve Madden- Korrie Black Leather Platform Sneaker



3. Slip-ons

Because what's not to love? We're so glad that these are becoming a thing, like a really big thing! Slip-ons give the term "sneakers" a whole new meaning. We're not talking about slip-on sneakers you may wear for comfort (while sacrificing style) we're talking embellished and embroidered sneaks that will totally become a staple this spring! Get on board with our favorite styles pictured below and ditch the running sneakers this season.

MIA Zoe 2 - Black Leather Twist Slip-On Sneaker
MIA- Zoe Black Leather Twisted Slip-On Sneaker

 Wanted Renoir - Gold Mesh Embroidered Slip-On Sneaker


Wanted Renoir - Gold Mesh Embroidered Slip-On Sneaker





Bubble gum pink, hot pink, rose-gold, any pink tones, really. This makes us totally swoon over this trend because we tend to favor the color pink here in the office (insert smiley face emoji with heart shapes eyes!). From mules, to sandals, sneakers, and menswear inspired shoes, you will be seeing a lot of it this spring! But really, can you think of a better color to describe the season?Seychelles Commute - Rose Suede Block Heel Mule Sandal

Seychelles Commute - Rose Suede Block Heel Mule Sandal







Wanted Babe - Pink Perforated Wing-Tip Oxford    





5. Laser-Cut Booties

This trend is perfect for the "in-between seasons". Here in Boston it seems like the weather is forever changing-snow one day, 60 degrees the next. Not quite cold enough for boots some days yet not quite sandal weather either. The solution: laser-cut booties. Hello! why didn't someone think of this trend sooner? We couldn't love this concept more and plan to wear these through the summer months. Heels or flats, these booties are great paired with a dress or a pair of cropped jeans. Here's to hoping this trend becomes a classic!


Musse & Cloud Athena - Taupe Leather Laser-Cut Bootie



Musse & Cloud Caila - Taupe Leather Laser-Cut Flat Bootie

Musse & Cloud Caila - Taupe Leather Laser-Cut Flat Bootie





Visit the site for more trending styles. Happy shopping!



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