Spring Spring Spring, it is coming!

It is around 50 degrees in Boston right now and it is January.  What is going on?  Perhaps I should be concerned, but I really just hate the cold.  It snowed over the weekend, and while it was rad, and me and my roomate gawked at the sky for about an hour that night, as […]

Trend Report: Smoking Slippers

As all fashion lovers know, every season new trends emerge.  Some stick around for a long time becoming more of a fashion staple while others only have a shelf life of the season.   But, more often than not, these trends always loop back around at some point.  This season, the trend that I am really […]

Molly’s Weekend Update!

Better late then never, am I right? This past weekend, my friends and I made the trip out of the city and into the woods of Western Mass.  Holyoke to be exact.  What was the occasion you might ask?  It was going to see the musical talents of Bon Iver.  If you haven’t heard of them, […]

Mini update from the store

Yesterday, while I was hard at work in class, Cathy, another one of Thom Brown’s finest, texted me to inform me “Jeffrey Campbell’s just came in.”  So what was the first thing I did when I came in the store today, tried them on.  We only got one style yesterday, but we will be getting […]

Pumps fit for a Champion

As you may have gauged by now, I am a big sports buff. By big I mean HUGE. My love of the game exceeds fandom and transcends to a level of respect. I appreciate sports for their competition, values, entertainment, and camaraderie. The most coveted trophy in the sports world is considered to be the […]

All we can see here are Stars, Stripes, and Stilettos!

Hands down my favorite holiday is the 4th of July. Think about it… an entire day dedicated to denim, hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, explosives, and Bruce Springsteen…  TRY and make an argument that another holiday is better. You can’t. This Independence Day make sure you’re repping hardcore with some red, white, and blue! If your […]

Super Sale!!!

Well it’s been quite some time since we’ve gave you guys an update from the storefront. There has been a lot of changes going on in the store, and things have been picking up since its summertime now. SORRY ALL! Anyway…currently in our Newbury Street store we have an awesome, awesome sale going on. Its […]

Jeffrey Campbell, need I really say more?

The name says it all. This is a name that needs no introduction among the shoe lovers of the world. I’m sure many of you have kept up to date with the wedges and heels that we are carrying from Jeffrey, like the Mary Lou, Gemini, Suave, and, everyone’s favorite, (drum roll please!) THE LITA!!! […]