Cold Weather Comfort – BOGS, Timberlands, and more Insulated Boots

With the blizzard Jonas sweeping through the East Coast this weekend, it’s safe to say winter is finally upon us. And with more to come, now’s as good a time as ever to get your feet into gear before the next winter storm hits! Here’s your one-stop guide complete with comfort ratings to help you […]

To buy or not to buy?

That, my readers, is the question.  After being surrounded by shoes all day, watching the customers try them on and in most cases walk away with some excellent finds, it leaves me wanting some of the excitement too.  But where do I even begin?! Numero uno on my list of things to buy… the Jeffrey Campbell Rumble in […]

New stuff is pouring in!

So many awesome new styles are pouring into the store!  I can’t get enough of these new styles.  Here are some highlights of what is new in stock for Thom Brown! How am I ever supposed to decide which one to buy?!  Maybe you guys will have better luck then me, or maybe we are in the […]

TGIF and Thank God for Cute Shoes!

Today is a very exciting day here at Thom Brown.  First and foremost, totally removed from the world of footwear, I am writing to you guys from our new Mac!  Apparently it came in yesterday, of course all the good stuff happens when I’m not here.  But I jumped for joy when I came in […]

“All scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues…” -Grateful Dead

If I had to make a list of my favorite things it would include: burritos, new socks, Twinkie the Kid, craft beer, jerseys (all sports but I’m a huge sucker for basketball jerseys), and music festivals.  If you know me then none of those should surprise you.  What may be surprising is that this list also […]