Kixters at Kixters: Four of a Kind

Who ever thought that one basic, elegant silhouette could look so good four different ways? Fresh styles by Kixters are in for the soon-arriving spring, and they’re the perfect models to pump up your style for seasons to come. Stacked chunky heels are the main feature on these models – but they’re not too bulky, so they’re a perfect in-between for those who just can’t get completely on board with the enduring trend. Each pair is crafted fastidiously with soft leather. A steep 4″ heel elevates these to high-fashion levels, yet they’re easy enough to pair with everyday wear. Here’s everything you need to know about these stunning additions to our collection!

20160223_142342 (2)

Chelsea is our simplest style for the chic minimalist, and it comes in black and brown smooth leather, as well as in taupe and grey suede. The leathers do have a polished sheen to them, however, it is not as intense as it appears to be in the photos. A side-zip lets you slip into them with ease, and a gored suede elastic allows for flexible comfort against your inner ankle. Simple seeming curves just over the vamp and hugs over the heel to give the Chelsea a little extra dimension without overwhelming detail.



Up next is the Gena in black and in taupe. Straps criss-cross across the side just over the ankle, finished off with shining gold-tone hardware.

20160223_143039 (2)

They’re a little more high-maintenance and require you to unbuckle and unstrap to wear them, but there’s definitely something to be said about how extravagant a shoe looks without zippers.

Definitely expect these to be fitted, but you can adjust the level of fit around the ankle with the strap. Tie your lavish look together with some gold-toned vintage jewelry from our collection online!



20160223_143302 (2)

Following closely we have the Zaza. Also a minimalist style, the model features a back-zip with a simple little tassel. Expect these to have an even closer fit around the ankle than the Chelsea. Cuff your pants or dress up your boyfriend jeans with black or taupe. They’re bold but not too loud, and they’re bound to make you feel chic.



Last, but most certainly not least, is the Petula. It’s a slimming mid-calf model with a zip that begins almost at the ball of your foot and comes right up to the top to guarantee an easy fit. However, this style is quite fitted around the leg, so plan to wear these with the most form-fitting of pants or leggings, index2 (2)or add an unexpected flair to your skirts or midi-dresses. Petula comes in dark brown suede or smooth black leather.

Pro tip: if you’re worried about the height on any of these, it’s nothing some Foot Petals can’t help you out with! They’re the ideal solution for pesky problem spots like ball-of-foot pressure points or a chaffing heel, which, as we all know, can become an issue in even our most-loved pairs of shoes. These nifty little accessories are no-show, especially in a closed bootie, and so there’s no way anyone has to know your secret to how you’ve been in the same heels for the past 4 hours.


That’s it for our Kixters bootie guide! Get the one that fits your personality the most, or you know, get all four so you can match your shoes up to however you happen to be feeling. No matter what choice you make, you can’t go wrong 😉

by New Haven Staff