Staff Pick: Comfort Chic Clarks Artisans

The arrival of each new warm season ushers in a wave of new trends in fashion, with everything from granny chic to avant-garde sculptural pieces to tassels and fringes galore. It can be cumbersome to keep up, and moreover, maybe you just want to have a reliable go-to and none of the trends are entirely doing it for you. In my experience, most customers really just want comfort but they don’t want to compromise completely on style for it and vice versa. For those who prefer to shop online or live too far away for a guided in-store experience, this guide is for you! This style aid features my picks from our Clarks in the Artisan series to help you navigate some of our best sellers in comfort chic models, that still have a little dabble of trendiness.

ClarksClarenePrima are known internationally as timeless comfort classics, and so of course we can expect an expert blend of trends and traditions in the Artisan collection. A commitment to comfort makes a firm presence in the Clarene Prima, but an athletic touch solidifies them as a modern classic in our summer selection. The wedges have a perforated nubuck upper, and the Clarene Prima also has a sportswear sole. The upper keeps your foot held in where it matters to prevent pronating, but the open vamp expands to accommodate hours of wear. OrthoLite cushion technology supports the contours of your foot. The Clarene Prima has consistently been our go-to style for customers traveling abroad who plan on copious amounts of walking.


Pastina Lima


Pastina Lima

Athleisure is developing beyond just sneaker styles, and the Clarene Prima isn’t the only style Kixters carries with these elements. Hints of this trend can be seen as well in the Pastina Lima. A modern cutout silhouette incorporates sportswear inspiration with the perforated upper and Velcro hook-and-loop closure. It’s a surprising combination of elements that on paper don’t sound so appealing, but in reality? Bam! A genius blend of contemporary trends and designs with comfort and feminine appeal. Although it’s a brand new style in our summer collection, the Pastina Lima has been flying off our shelves for its unique and up-to-date features. This style is available as an in-store exclusive only.

Caslynn Shea and Caslynn Cat both offer a nod to the platform trend this summer, but they’re perfect for the comfort conscious femme. The Caslynn model has consistently been our best seller for the last 3 summers, and for good reason. The Caslynn Shea has a nubuck upper with two simple wide straps CaslynnSheaNatcrisscrossing over the toes, and a Velcro strap closure. In slight contrast, the Caslynn Cat has two wider bands: one forming over the toes, and another over the instep. The upper strap has a pop of reptile-textured nubuck for a trendy twist. On both styles the full leather uppers are fitted to hug your feet closely to the suede contoured footbed. These features offer endless support and security which you absolutely need, especially if you’re not used to strutting through town in a 3″ tapered platform. I definitely wasn’t, but I would not hesitate to get another pair once my Caslynn Cats bite the dust. Which leads up to the next point – what’s the advantage in such a high platform?


CaslynnCatFirst off, while your heel is 3″ off the ground your foot is actually only on a 1.5″ incline, so if you’re nervous about high heels but you want a nice height boost this feature is perfect for you. But what really makes this shoe a winner for me is the next point. CaslynnCatSageWhile many other brands that incorporate elevated soles are trend savvy but not comfort oriented, this is not so with the Caslynn Cat or Caslynn Shea. Clarks integrates the platform as a comfort advantage, utilizing it as a buffer zone between your foot and the ground. It alleviates the pressure you’d normally feel from walking around in flat sandals, or from standing in flat shoes for 6-11 hours a day like I do. As I stand and walk all day, I don’t feel my feet pronating nearly as much and instead they sink further and further into much-needed comfort. At the toe, both styles feature a little curved lift to help distribute pressure evenly and offer an easy, flexible stride despite the rigidity of the sole.

All the styles we’ve looked over today are a proven style-plus-comfort winners, both for our staff and for our customers. They all look phenomenal in skinnies, skimmers, skirts and dresses of all lengths, so no need to worry about how to style any of these. Commit to the brand that will pamper you with cushioned support and give you eye-catching trendy designs today!

by New Haven Staff