Cold Weather Comfort – BOGS, Timberlands, and more Insulated Boots

With the blizzard Jonas sweeping through the East Coast this weekend, it’s safe to say winter is finally upon us. And with more to come, now’s as good a time as ever to get your feet into gear before the next winter storm hits! Here’s your one-stop guide complete with comfort ratings to help you navigate our cold weather footwear selections so you can find the perfect pair that fits your needs:



Pajar is probably our most hardcore cold weather shoe, so if you want a heavy winter shoe look no further in this blog post and follow the hyperlink! No matter your choice, you can’t go wrong here. Every style has an extreme comfort cold rating, so it’s all about your style preference here. Shaft heights vary from 5.5 to 13 inches, and the waterproof membrane extends all through the shoe across every model. Each model has a cozy lining that hugs your foot all throughout too. Prices range from $169.99 to $199.99

Official cold rating? Depending on the style, Pajar puts these at -22°F to -40°F!



Zag by Cougar

Cougars make a comeback at Kixters, and man are they as toasty as ever. The brand features no-nonsense boots made strictly for keeping your feet as toasty and dry as possible in all kinds of winter weather. We also carry a selection of sleeker models for the more style-conscious shopper, but in most cases you do sacrifice a little bit of the comfort cold rating if you opt for that. The Nigel and Kirby both fall into this category, but they have a more seasonless function so you could wear these year round. The Zag, on the other hand, is as pretty as a snow shoe comes. Full grain black suede and a faux fur lining along with guaranteed waterproofing promise both style and function in this boot. The Zag, along with the Chamonix and Cranbrook are our all around no-nonsense waterproof winter models with the most intense comfort cold ratings within the brand. Superior traction, memory molded insoles make sure you stay comfy and a light-weight construction makes sure you can keep on plowing through any and all winter conditions. The level of warmth adjusts according to your activity level, so your feet won’t feel like they’re constantly in a sauna. Prices range from $99.99 to $169.99

Official cold rating? Cougar puts these at 14°F to -22°F depending on the style, making these some of our most winter-ready models!



Bogs are next on our list of feature brands for the 2015-2016 winter season. It’s a new brand to our collection, but so far we are impressed with what it has to offer. These offer great function for all-year wear, but depending on how active you are in them, they’ll adjust accordingly (meaning you won’t be sweltering in them during warmer seasons). While Bogs are a rubber shoe at least in part, they’re surprisingly flexible and very lightweight. They require virtually no breaking in: easy to pull on or take off with a molded EVA insole and rebound tech to help you power through nasty slush and snow in comfort. What’s more is that they’re made with DuraFresh technology to keep your feet from getting stinky and sweaty, and plus – you guessed it – they are 100% waterproof! And the best part? You get all of that for a cool $80 to $120 (depending on the style).

Official cold rating? Bogs put them to the test and they come up between 14°F down to 5°F depending on the style for a comfort cold rating. And our test? You can spend an hour shoveling your car out in the Sidney and your feet will still stay warm (with warm pair of socks on of course…let’s not get too reckless.)


Last on our list is Timberland and what’s easier than that? They’re an American classic and a versatile brand with ever-evolving selections guaranteed to keep you trekking through all weather types in serious style. With models such as the Teddy Fleece for a cozier fit, or the 14″ Premium for a knee-high spin on the classic, and of course, the iconic 6″ Premium work boot you’re sure to find a waterproof boot to fit your liking whether you’re looking for all season wear or a toastier winter shoe. Yet, you still might be wondering about how reliable the weatherproofing is, considering that most of their styles are made with nubuck or suede? Rest assured that between the suede and the inner lining wrapping around your foot is a waterproof membrane that will keep all moisture out. Additionally, Tims now feature anti-fatigue insoles to keep you trekking in comfort. However, all leather shoes do need some love if you want them to stick around for a while and Timberland shoes are no different. While they do not require extra effort for waterproofing, we recommend regular maintenance of the leather/suede (once a month or so) so they can be your go-to for years to come. Prices range from: $149.99 to $220.00, available in both Men’s and Women’s styles.

Official cold rating? Moderate, but nothing a thick sock can’t help with!

And that concludes our cold weather guide! As always, the Kixters staff in Boston and New Haven are ready to assist you in stores. See you soon!

by New Haven Staff